Digital Garden

What is this?

Last updated 2021-11-23

When working with a computor, I really enjoy taking a lot of notes. Over time I streamlined the note taking process pretty well, to the point where taking notes is very straighforward.

For a while i had the idea to share some of those notes. But there were some problems, for example:

These few points made be hesitant to share my content until now!

What i wanted for a while is to have ability to just hit save and have the note published. No other actions at all, just write something down, hit save and it’s available online.

This is what this page is about - it’s my collection of notes. They’re mostly not well edited, sometimes weirdly formatted or unfinished.

But it’s a living thing - a digital garden - where any note can be changed or reformatted, or split into multiple and so on and so forth.

This is not a blog, there are no posts or a timeline. Just a collection of notes and links between them.

All of them are available on github, you’re very welcome to contribute!