Digital Garden


Last updated 2023-09-21

Hello and welcome to my digital garden.

This page is an unordered archive of notes, updated at random times.

All notes are markdown files and their source can be found on github. I’m happy to accept PRs with additions or fixes!

I enjoy taking notes. Over time I ironed out the note taking process pretty well, to the point where it is very simple and straighforward.

Wanted to share some of them, but there were problems:

These few points were enough to prevent me from sharing.

What i wanted is to have ability to simply hit save and have the note published. No other actions at all, hit save and be done while notes automatically become available online.

This is that page. A random collection of personal notes with links between them. It’s not a blog, there are no posts or a timeline.

Notes are not well edited, sometimes unformatted or completely unfinished.

Content is open sourced on github